Laser Automatic Loading & Unloading Device
Laser Cutting & Welding Machine

Laser Automatic Loading & Unloading Device

Product description:
It main use for fiber laser cutting machine loading&unloading the plate, save labour.
Description Specification
Product description:
SMART-board automatic feeding device has all the obvious functions of the SM-board automatic feeding device, which is the finishing function. 
◆Thus, completed artifacts can
◆Vacuum sucker is separated from the residual material and placed separately.
◆Economic benefits of the company will be automatically separated from the rest
Productive capacity
◆It is ensured that the automatic unmanned work cycle can achieve 
◆High utilization rate of machine tool by means of faster and lower feeding
Process safety
◆Standardization of the upper and lower material process, without auxiliary tools, 
◆High positioning accuracy of automatic equipment can improve the process security of the whole system
◆Convenient operation
◆Automatic loading method of machine tools makes it easier for operators to improve work safety
◆Rotating arm principle is used to maintain the good proximity of the pallet exchange device

                                        Simple Loading Device for laser cutting machine 

                            Loading&Unloading Device for laser cutting machine

Main Specification
Feeding/loading max plate size mm 3000*1500 4000*2000
Max feeding thickness mm 25 25
Max loading thickness mm 20 12
Max feeding weight kg 900 1800
Max loading weight kg 720 800
Cycle time s 310 310
Use to trim Min plate size mm 150*150 150*150
Weight kg 4850 8150