ECO CNC Press Brake
CNC Press Brake

ECO Servo CNC Press Brake(EURO-Genius Series)

EURO-Genius GB Servo Pump Controlled CNC Press Brake, it is high precision ECO cnc press brake, energy save and working 24 hours continuous.
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EURO-Genius GB ECO Servo Pump Controlled CNC Press Brake
The machine is newly developed model with environment-friendly servo pump controlling CNC press brake with tight structure, good appearance, good rigidity and strength. Installed Holland DELEM DA 66T/69T 3D CNC system, with laser safe protection, Installed advanced aluminum alloy wholly back gauge and  the mechanical crowning mechanism.Oil pump is controlled by servo motor, the wholly system is high efficiency and stability, fuel saving environment, machine with manipulator.

Use international advanced two-way pump control technology, the perfect combination of dual servo motor and piston pump control system, can get faster reaction and speed, and greatly reduce the use of hydraulic oil, oil temperature and save more than 60% energy.


CNC axis function
  1. Y(Y1、Y2)axis: ram synchronous control axis, controlling bending depth and angle.
  2. X(X1、X2)axis: Controlling back gauge front-back stroke, using controlling bending flange size
  3. R(R1、R2)axis: Controlling back gauge beam up-down
  4. Z(Z1、Z2)axis: Controlling back gauge finger left-right movement.
  5. V axis: Working table auto-hydraulic crowning
 CNC Control axis
CNC Axes      Axes Name Note
2+1 axis     Y1,Y2  + Crowning For pole customized press brake
3+1 axis     Y1,Y2,X,+ Crowning Standard Model
4+1 axis       Y1,Y2,X,R+ Crowning Popular Model
5+1 axis       Y1,Y2,X,R,Z + Crowning Special Model
6+1 axis    Y1,Y2,X,R ,Z1,Z2+ Crowning Higher Model
8+1 axis     Y1,Y2,X1,X2,R1,R2 ,Z1 Z2+ Crowning The best Model
 Machine precision
Controlling axis Position precision(mm) Repeat position precision(mm) Display resolution
Standard stroke range(mm)
Y(Y1,Y2 ±0.01 ±0.01 0.01 Please see technical data
X(X1,X2 ±0.025 ±0.01 0.01 800
R(R1,R2 ±0.03 ±0.02 0.01 100~150
Z(Z1,Z2 ±0.1 ±0.05 0.01 1500(3200 length machine)
2000(4000 length machine)

Press Brake Back-gauge speed
  1. X axis speed:300~500mm/min
  2. R axis speed:300~500mm/min
  3. Z axis speed:300~400mm/min(with servo motor)

CNC Press Brake 8+1 Axis With Holland DA66T 3D

CNC Press Brake 4+1 Axis With Holland DA58T 2D

CNC Press Brake 4+1 Axis With Holland DA66T 3D

CNC Press Brake 3+1 Axis With Holland DA52S 2D

Offline press brake simulation and programming, Enhanced press brake productivity with faster design-to-product time

Feature-rich Offline press brake simulation and programming includes:
1.Transferring parts directly from 3D CAD systems
2.Importing and unfolding IGES and STEP 3D parts
3.Importing and folding flat DXF\DWG parts with layer filtering
4.Enabling automatic or manual selection of tools based on material, machine, and tool properties
5.Calculating sequences automatically, avoiding collisions
6.Allowing manual selection of sequences, in 3D, with collision testing
7.Positioning fingers automatically, yet allowing manual snapping to adjust placement
8.Calculating retractions automatically
9.Simulating the bending process in 3D, displaying collisions
10.Generating native NC programs for loading parts directly into machine controls
11.Creating comprehensive setup reports for the machine operator including bend sequence, tooling, and bend-by-bend graphics
12.A touch-screen version for machine controls
Advantages of Offline press brake simulation and programming
1.Fully automated processing, including fully automated batch processing of multiple parts, enhancing your productivity and hastening design-to-production times
2.Automatic collision-less sequencing solutions for an unlimited number of bends
3.If a collision-less bend sequence exists, MBend will find it
4.Solutions with a minimal number of stations and segments
5.Unlimited number of fingers
ECO Servo Press Brake Specification
EURO Genius GB  Unit 80/2550

Bending force Ton 80 110 175 220
Bending length mm 2550 3100/4100 3100/4100 3100/4100
Distance between upright mm 2150 2600/3300 2600/3300 2600/3300
Throat depth mm 350 410 410 410
Opening height mm 420 470 470 470
Ram stroke mm 160 200 200 250
Back-gauge X axis stroke mm 600-800 600-1000 600-1000 600-1000
Back-gauge R axis stroke mm 250 250 250 250
Approach speed mm/s 200 200 200 200
Working speed mm/s 1-20 1-20 1-15 1-15
Return speed mm/s 200 200 200 200
X axis speed mm/s 700 700 700 700
R axis speed mm/s 500 500 500 500
Positioning precision of upper beam mm ±0.005 ±0.005 ±0.005 ±0.005
Main motor power kw 2×5.5 2×5.5 2×7.5 2×7.5
Oil tank volume L 2×20 2×33 2×33 2×33
Overall dimension mm 3100×1450×2390 3800×1500×2730 3800×1590×2780 3800×1590×2880
Weight KGS 6500 8500/9800 11000/14000 13000/15000

The servo pump control press brake control unit is WUXI SMART CNC EQUIPMENT GROUP Co., Ltd., which has been developed and practiced for a long time, and has developed a combination of servo motor and two-way internal gear pump for the press brake industry. Different approaching speed, working and return speed are obtained by controlling the speed of the servo motor

The hydraulic control system of
EURO-Genius series pump-controlled press brake developed by our company is based on the principle of volumetric speed regulation. The servo motor is connected with the two-way internal gear pump. The CNC system controls the speed of the servo motor to control the oil flow output of the oil pump and control the bending. The two cylinders of the press brake are synchronized to achieve precise control of the ram position, and the approaching speed is faster and the work efficiency is higher. The system can adapt to the control of most of the current press brake CNC control system, the system is directly connected with the oil cylinder, which can save the connection of the intermediate pipeline, can realize the connection of the oil-free pipe of the press brake, the installation is simple and easy, the oil leakage is reduced, and the energy is saved. Environmental protection

*High speed-Reduce cycling time, performance increase 30%
*High efficiency-compare the common hydraulic system energy increase 50%
*0.005MM Precise-position precision 0.005mm
*Reliable-Min leak
*60dB Lower noise-all the working model, the noise 60dB
*Leak-Max reduce the leak
*Lower temperature,environment temperature 38°C , continue working temperature less than 40°C Compact-omitted motor,pump,oil tank, hydraulic valve and pipe.
*Environmental protection-Hydraulic oil reduce 70% , the best save energy, save energy 70%
*Cost-little installation cost, more high save energy

Optional Configuration
  1.  CNC control following front supporter
  2.  Multi-axis, it can achieve 16 axis
  3.  Safety laser protection device
  4.  Automatic detection bending angle device
  5.  Upper tool WILA Hydraulic clamps
  6.  Working table using the mechanical crowning mechanism.
  7.  Special tool
        Machine Introduction Pictures
Laser safe FIESSLER,Germany
WILA Hydraulic up tools clamps Original WILA  
WILA Hydraulic down tools clamps Original WILA  
CNC control following supporter Provide the auxiliary safeguard for your processing efficiency and the bending accuracy
150KGS Capacity
AMADA double fast clamps Change the punch double side  
Angle measurement system Laser check, Germany  
Back-gauge pneumatic supporter for back-gauge With the Thin-support system,even thinner sheets are always correctly positioned and guided.  
Press brake line laser for marked bending Green line helps bending positioning